March 25, 2009

We interrupt this blog to bring you Spring Break.

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I know, I know! I’ve left you hanging on my discussion of the new prescriptions. But I had a pile of work to do toward the end of last week, and now it’s SPRING BREAK, which means nonstop projects around here. In the last two days the kids and I have had A TON of stuff to do. The Boy has written his first graphic novel, entitled, “Monster Pump it Up: the First Poop from the Poop Monster.” He has also been very busy designing construction-paper missiles, which are now all over my house. And yesterday I assisted him in the construction of a nearly two foot long foam triceratops (below). He also led the ambitious laboratory experiment involving harvesting polyacrylate from disposable diapers, adding water to see the gel expand, then applying salt to watch the water released. As you can tell, Junior is a VERY busy five year old. Which we will be celebrating belatedly with a Bolt the Superdog birthday party on Sunday.

Foam wood triceratops (approximate number of pieces: 50)

Foam wood triceratops (approximate number of pieces: 50)

His sister Unfocused Girl (who is now 8, and will have her belated birthday party sometime in May, I suppose) has been very focused indeed, working busily away at her project for her first-ever science fair, entitled “The Awesome Life Cycle of the Sun!” She has written an excellent report which will be the basis for her display board (today’s project), and the last few days have been devoted to the creation of a set of five models of the various stages of the sun’s expected life span. Her favorite is the black dwarf made from a model magic-covered ping-pong ball, and she has the good sense to say, “Oh, I’ll be long gone by then!” when contemplating the moment the sun becomes a spinning cinder in space. We still need to run to the fabric store to create the nebula part of the planetary nebula model, so you’ll have to imagine how it will look once completed.

Red Giant, White Dwarf, Main Sequence, Black Dwarf, Planetary Nebula (incomplete)

Red Giant, White Dwarf, Main Sequence, Black Dwarf, Planetary Nebula (incomplete)

She has also been pursuing her writing with a new Adventure Friends book (the second in her series thus far). Not content with limiting her painting to the sun models, she’s been decorating the many figurines she and the Boy made with the leftover model magic from the science fair project. She also fashioned a new green velour saddle for her babyhood rocking horse, so as to make it less Wild West (apparently there were two small but offensive stars on the original) and more appropriate for Narnia-style play; “riding” lessons are apparently on our agenda today. Her lab experiment (which we all participated in fully, with the filthy hands to show for it) was the cornstarch-and-water: solid or liquid? experiment. We immensely enjoyed watching the mixture undergo its identity crisis.

So I’ve been a little busy with all this stuff, but, not content with that, I decided it was time to finally make some progress on the dollhouse kit that had been given to us three or more years ago. Right. It had been stuck in limbo for quite some time, just a base with some wood collapsing out of it, but I’ve been happily sanding and painting and measuring wallpaper in between “Mommy! I need [fill in the blank]!” requests. The kids are very excited about the dollhouse, actually. The Girl has decided it will be the home of the Eight Talking Cats of Narnia, Distant Cousins of the Great Aslan Himself, and has been having extensive discussions with the cat figurines about the ongoing construction of their stone cottage.

Dollhouse exterior (in progress)

Dollhouse exterior (in progress)

Dollhouse interior (please excuse the spring break debris clearly visible throughout my house)

Dollhouse interior, with Talking Cats of Narnia and the button yo-yos Junior made for them in the foreground (please excuse the spring break debris clearly visible throughout my house)

Today the walls will be glued into place, and I’ll try to build the stairway—if we don’t take a field trip somewhere. Like the Adler Planetarium. Or the supermarket, because we’re down to crumbs here. Or Kinko’s to print color pictures of the sun in its various forms. Maybe tomorrow I’ll throw some stuff in a bag, pop the kids in the car, and haul us up to Milwaukee for an overnight. We can see the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Geodesic Domes, and eat at the Safe House; maybe hit a brewery where they do root beer for the kids. I hope we make enough progress on the Sun project today to allow us to go (it’s due on Monday).

At any rate, it’s been quite lively around here, and I’ve been significantly off of my computer. I have more to say about the meds my doctor prescribed for my assorted issues, but I’ve already learned at least one incredibly important thing: I am dramatically, and I mean dramatically, happier when I don’t have to make my 3+ hour school commute. I actually enjoy my children. I smile. I laugh. I am lively and fun, but perfectly steady and relaxed, not manic at all. And I am not on drugs.

So I’ll check back in with you folks next week, when the twin stars of driving and depression have returned, and I will continue my exploration of the miracles of modern pharmacology. But my brain will also return to toying with another idea, one that’s been picked up and tossed aside multiple times before:




  1. freshhell said,

    That all looks like fun (and quite exhausting). Wish I could play, too.

  2. chel said,

    I’m impressed. I seem to spend spring breaks with lots of good intentions but not much to show for it, The kids projects are inspiring.

  3. harri3tspy said,

    It looks like you’re all having a great time. We’ve been dying to do that exact Milwaukee trip. One of these days.

  4. The Lass said,

    It looks like you’re all having a blast. I love that the Triceratops model is sitting on a silver tray. Makes him a bit more civilized. And nice job on that science project, Unfocused Girl! Also, a 3-hour school commute? Every day? Really?!

  5. Unfocused Me said,

    Gotta use Grandma Unfocused’s silver for something.

    The Siren can’t respond right now, because she’s busy making strawberry jam crepes for Unfocused Girl. Yeah, it’s spring break.

  6. Jeanne said,

    Even though I didn’t just give you a commenter award, you’re one of my best commenters, as you know, and I appreciate you thoroughly, madly, deeply.

    I also wanted to tell you that I can’t stop quoting your tag line “the internet makes Samuel Pepsy-es of us all.” It’s just so apt.

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