About this NaCoBakMo Thing

I am a jealous and competitive woman. When my husband, the highly efficient Unfocused Me, successfully completed 50,000 words of effort for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) I sought solace in a batch of cookies: “Hey, it ain’t NaNoWriMo, but at least I got my first batch of Christmas cookies done.”

The dangerous suggestion which followed was really a joke: what about a National Cookie Baking Month? Could I really make a new cookie every day through Christmas Eve, during the most hectic month of the year? Starting with that first batch of cookies on the day after Thanksgiving, I decided to find out.

But 28 days of baking makes for a lot of cookies, and I have no desire to go shopping for larger clothes. As a result, I am giving away these cookies to those of you who make a $25 minimum donation to the Irving Park Community Food Pantry, a great organization in my neighborhood dedicated to serving the hungry. (The trick to making a successful donation: do NOT type a $ in the box before your donation amount. It makes the shopping cart freak out.) Send me your e-receipt to sirensyncopated at gmail dot com along with your shipping address by no later than Christmas Eve, and I will send you a nice assortment of the results of this project in the week after Christmas.

Anyone in the mood for some cookies?



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  4. […] as things slowed down for me at work, the Siren’s commitments ramped up, from finishing her NaCoBakMo cookie baking (which was very successful, thank you to those who participated), to directing the […]

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